It’s not about me loathing my art but it’s more about that I made some dumb decisions and I didn’t see the consequences of it until now.

And I don’t really want to talk to anyone about it because my parents probably won’t care and they’ll say it’s my fault.

It pretty much is anyway so meh

I just feel like I’m late in the game now and it’s almost too late to actually make a big difference now.

I can be anywhere from a few weeks to a whole other semester for my portfolio deadline and I still feel like I’m going to fail again

I’m probably not even going to graduate on time either and I feel really stupid for going to my first school when I probably should have been at this one learning what I needed to know and I’d actually be somewhere and make something by the end of next year or so.

And that probably won’t happen

I’m just lacking so much and I don’t think I’m going to get anywhere