kazublaze asked:

What would be some good advice for person that in his final year of high school and has to look for colleges?

Honestly it’s better to go and look for colleges while you’re at least a junior, because you have more time to weigh your options and have a good idea of what you really want to study.

Since the school year just started, I would suggest you start preparing for tours and researching now. And make sure that you schedule your tests such as the ACT and SAT early, because the sooner you take them, the sooner you can send them off to schools.

Another thing is that in your final year of high school, you have to make sure you meet every deadline and do not slack off. Your senior year is sometimes the easiest since a lot of your classes are out for the way, but you still need to make sure you graduate with  a good GPA. You’ll be able to get accepted to a lot more colleges and even get honor scholarships.

And for those who need to do auditions or work on portfolios, those are important. The more you practice and the more impressive your work is, you’ll get larger scholarships.

Lastly, be sure to complete the FAFSA before the school year ends, because you have to do one for every academic school year while you are in college.