thesilverskull190 asked:

How do you personally get over an art block? Do you have any tips?

For me, I try to draw something anyway or I’ll try drawing something different. I’m trying to do observational drawings more, so I do that most of the time to help.

Most of my art blocks stem from stress or some emotional blockage

kaito90 asked:

Regarding your recent answer, I was sad when you left FA and Tumblr for a while, and I was really happy when you came back. :3 Now for the question: Why does your art gives me so many feels (happy, sad, giggly, etc)? x3

Yeah, I had to try to work through some personal drama… but it’s all better now! I’m stronger for it now :)

Well, when I make characters or artwork, sometimes I try to appeal to person’s senses. If it garners some type of emotional response from a person, you could say that the particular piece did what it was supposed to do. It makes them more enjoyable or someone you can relate to.

For me personally, I try to write feelings I’ve experienced rather than things I know nothing about. I don’t want to really write someone with “daddy issues” if I don’t know what that is like. I don’t try to add too much to make them interesting, I just make them like people.

capriosci asked:

How does a poly relationship work? Is there ever any conflict or problems? In about a month I will be moving in with 2 friends who are a couple that have an open relationship with me. Its not the same exact but I was just wondering how it works for you.

Well, there are different types of polyamorous relationships, but the one me and my boyfriends have is the more common one most people know of.

Ours is specifically a triad relationship where everyone is romantically/sexually involved, but before it was where Chris and I were both involved and Will was aware and knew about the both of us. The way both of these types of relationships work is when all people involved are fully aware and there is also communication. 

Will and Chris were and still are engaged but had considered having a poly relationship and were also okay with each other having people they’re interested in. When I got to know Chris better and we were openly sharing our feelings, he always told Will what we did and there were no secrets. We were all aware of what the other was doing. Over the few months I was involved with Chris, I also got to know Will better and I developed a crush on him too, and that’s when we made it an official relationship.

The way the relationship stays healthy is when everyone is communicating efficiently. Not addressing problems or not talking only makes things worse. If I was bothered by something, I would tell the both of them because it’s not just me and Chris or just me and Will. If one wasn’t available and I had to talk to one of them, I’d just update the other one later. You also don’t keep score, take sides or have a favorite, if you have to compete for someone’s attention, it’s not healthy. Also try not to define your relationship or try to force it into a category, just let it be what it is. Both my boyfriends are different people, and I love them for both their similarities and their differences.

Probably the biggest thing is me not living with or near them, but it doesn’t bother me all the time because we call each other and send one another gifts and stuff in the mail. I know it’s a good relationship for me because I can easily talk with them about things and it doesn’t feel like I have to try so hard with them.

Your relationship does sound pretty similar to mine though, so you can consider it polyamorous! :> I did my research on things when I was just getting into the relationship because I was curious on how things work, so looking things up online can be a help if you are confused. But also ask your friends about what they think, too!

kazublaze asked:

What's the one thing you would love to do most with Chris and Will when you finally get to meet them in person?

Well, there is one dream that I want to happen.

I either want to fill of those inflatable pools or a truck bed full of pillows and lie with the two of them under the stars. Chris mentioned there are places to go camping so I wanted to try this if it happens!